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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Primark Finds

A few weeks ago i had a major Primark Shopping Hal, well it was major for me, i never usually have enough money for anything like that but moving back in with my parents has freed up some cash! But thats another blog for another time! We drove across to Oldham which is about 45 minutes from where i like in Yorkshire, over the Pennines, and on this particular day, a Sunday, it was all covered in snow! It looked wonderful, however i didn't get a pic as my Dad wouldn't stop the car! But i googled and found this little beauty! 

 We ended up in Primark where i purchased this bunch of goodies! You might notice that theres a lot of nude coloured stuff in here, and theres a reason... its my new crush! Please find pics of purchases below, along with some New Look and F+F. Have a looky!

I bought...
4 x new tops (2 x nude t shirts, one long and floaty and one a normal t shirt. 1 x corset style, with black at the top and nude at the bottom, and 1 x sheer floaty number thats absolutely gorgeous, so classy!)
2 x Blazer Jackets. These are jersey fabric, and are so comfortable, they  instantly smarten an outfit, i’ve even been able to revive some of my favourite band t shirts to wear, i stopped wearing them cause my mum said they looked scruffy, not anymore!
2 x Cardigans, 1 knitted Grey cardigan, you can never have enough of these! And one nudey pink floaty waterfall cardigan.
1 x Jasper Conran perfume, so cheap at £9 and i got shower gel with it too! Smells wonderful, a great day scent and one of my favourites.
New make up bag – just because!
Under Eye concealer – This little beauty is from Primark and at £2.47 i thought it was a proper bargain, and it does what it says on the box! Works really well with my GOSH concealer.
2 x new necklaces, one a long charm like necklace with crystals and pearls, really pretty,just have to be careful as Primark necklaces usually only last me like 3 wears before they break, or get broken. Either by me or my wonderful but large dog Dolly! And the multi strand pearl with the ribbon, beautiful and looks great with nude colours.
Finally, the rose floral purse, i can’t believe this was like £3, so shabby chic, vintage etc etc can’t get enough!


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Don't Mind Doing It For The Kids!

SO! I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I really don't have an answer as to why not. I just haven't really felt like it, what with the nasty weather, the coldness and darkness etc, all I have wanted to do is curl up in my armchair and watch TV! So thats what I have done!

Now I am back in the mood however, I will be blogging old news until I am fully caught up, so please excuse me if its a bit out of date. Now back at the beginning of November I blogged about not knowing what to dress up as for Children In Need. I think my options were Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, Ugly Betty, and maybe a couple of others that have now escaped my memory! So Children In Need day comes along and what do I dress up as?

Well, after spending hours the night before trying everything on, no matter how classy I felt dressed as Audrey Hepburn I just wasn't comfortable, so after raiding mine and my mums wardrobe, and a lot of careful consideration, I went as someone from the 70's, or a Charlie's Angel if you will! Here are a couple of pics of moi...

We raised approx. £350 and a great day was had by all! Thanks for reading!