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Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Twilight Saga

So i promised that i wasn't going to get 'into' this movie but i just couldn't help it! I was watching X Factor last night and was channel hopping a bit during the adverts and came across this film. As an avid follower of perezhilton.com i haven't been able to ignore 'R-Patz' hysteria, and i did say to myself, don't watch it its for teenagers and it will be too old for you. Well its not! I absoloutely love and have watched it twice since Saturday night, it couldn't be more romantic! I was hooked instantly, even my Dad sat and watched it with me! I swear if i wasn't married lol. I have turned into a total Twilight Whore!

I've been googling non stop, watching trailers, reading up on the cast, i'm about to order the books and then i'm gonna book tickets to see the latest film at my local cinema. Anyone else been totally reeled in by this movie franchise? Or by Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen? Please share!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Vintage Photographs from Yesteryear

Who doesn't love old photographs?! I have a few to post for you, mostly of my grandparents looking fabulous! The clothes, the hair, everything looks so vintage, I LOVE IT! Here you go...


So from the top, my Nan (Mums side) on holiday with the girls, early 80s
Then, my Nan on her wedding day ,then with my Grandad on her wedding day. She got married on the day she was discharged from the RAF! There was just her and my Grandad and two witnesses!!
Then its my mum and dad on their wedding day, this would of been 1986.
Next its my Grandma on my dads side, this must of been late 40s early 50s?
Then my Gran again with her friend at a local reservoir/beauty spot.
Next its my two Aunties, Lesley on the left and Janet on the right, Bridlington Day Trip with their grandparents!
Then its my Gran and her Dad, my Grans on the far left, and i'm afraid i'm not too sure who the other two women are!

I love the feel of old pictures, they evoke memories and thoughts of yesteryear and makes you wonder about what life was like then. Holidays were daytrips to the seaside, not week long holidays in Tenerife! If you could choose an era to live in what would it be? I think mine would have to be the Fifties. All that rock and roll music, milkshakes and dance hops! Hope you enjoyed looking! x

Monday, 9 November 2009

Fantastic Weekend!

So we had family round on Friday, along with an ace curry from our local restaurant/takeaway Syhiba, Saturday went shopping with my mum, nan and great auntie to a local mill shop, then into town with Mum for the afternoon, followed by a Chinese on Saturday night. Then Sunday we all packed up and went off in the camper for a few hours. (My mum and dad have got a campervan! lol) There was me, my mum n dad, nan and grandad and great auntie and uncle. Went to Hollingworth Lake for fish and chips, it was like being at the seaside but a bit closer to home! lol. Here are a few pics to show you the weekend!

The top pic is some of my purchases - the nail varnishes weren't bought though! I made those! An old black got some white added to it as i never use the white and it made a lovely grey, mushroomy colour. (Sounds gross but its really nice!) And the remaining white got some red added to it to make an ace marshmallow pink. A few of the items were recommended by schoee.blogspot.com who i am following. The shampoo is fantastic, made my hair feel so clean and bouncy, like a salon blow dry, and the concealer has worked wonders on my VERY spotty chin. I don't know where they have come from, its so depressing, which leads me to the Boots spot stick, not sure if thats working yet, might have to do another post on that one. NOW the lipstick. GOSH, shade 134, Darling. OH.MY.GOD. I have never in my life used a lipstick, i have always been a gloss, balm kind of girl, lipstick reminding me of old women. But i am a total convert! I love it, it hasn't left my, pocket/bag/hand since Saturday afternoon when i handed my pennies over! There was 3 for 2 on Gosh, so i got the concealer, the eyeshadow (a lovely grey/brown colour, looks really nice with my green eyes, makes them POP a bit)and the Darling lipstick. All in all a fantastic weekend, pennies spent, time with the family, and lots of food! I hope your weekends were as fulfilling as mine! x

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Milky Bar Buttons...

So..i'm sat reading blogs, eating Milky Bar buttons, while watching What Happens in Vegas. (LOVE this film!) I'm hoping i can make mine as creative and interesting as some of the ones i have read today! I think i'm relatively interesting (i guess) but will other people see that!? If there's anyone out there who happens to come across this post...i require some help! Children In Need fancy dress will be happening at work 20th November and i need to dress up! I have 4 ideas, Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction), Ugly Betty, Audrey Hepburn (i bought a new black dress that is SO her style!) or Lady Gaga. I'm really liking the Lady Gaga look but i have to work all day in it (office job) then we're going out for a meal and drinks afterwards (well its for the children! lol). So please help me with this! Going shopping this weekend too and will be showing and telling what i purchased! (Might find some more inspiration for f. dress)