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Monday, 28 June 2010

Long Weekend

I got to have a long weekend and it was glorious. I booked Friday off, and cleaned the house, then met friends from work for a couple of drinks and ended up at a family friends for family time and a takeaway. We were out on Saturday night for Hubby's cousin and his girlfriend, they are moving to Cyprus and were having going away drinks, which was sad but we will see them again!

I also bought two new dresses from Next so have posted pics of them, they are just beautiful, at £100 combined, a bit pricey for me, but i LOVE them and am keeping them both :-) A few pics from the weekend...

Yummy Yummy Dresses!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday, Monday, So Good To Me...

Happy Monday! (Even thought i'm writing this Tuesday morning :-) A lot of people don't like Mondays, i'm not entirely sure why? I love the fresh start personally, and this Monday was no different. The weather was glorious, sooo hot for England at 6.30am when i was Dolly walking, then the sunset at the end of the day? Beautiful...i kind of got a picture but our garden is not in the right position for sunset picture taking. We had chicken, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon for tea, with salad and garlic bread, it was party in my mouth as usual. Peace Out. Time to get ready for work!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Daddy's Day :-)

Today was a really good day. I was up first as usual, and eventually got ready and to the supermarket for 11am. After a very productive shop where, i spent more than usual but came away with worthwhile stuff me and Hubby set off along the canal with Dolly to meet my Mum Dad and Grandad. They had set off early in the morning on my Grandads barge for some Father Daughter time, and when i'd finished shopping they were about to set off back. So we thought we'd meet them half way. Well they must of been driving REALLY slow (or my Grandad was driving lol) or we were walking fast, because it was 3.5 miles by the time we met! I also went in my first lock today. I'm usually so scared i get off before we reach them, then jump back on as the boats moving on the way out, but i stayed on this time, and it wasn't that bad. Smelly, but not that bad :-)

It's easy to forget when wrapped up in work and life in general just how beautiful the town where we live is. The canal is at the bottom of my parents garden when my Grandads boat is moored up with a jetty and stuff and its so relaxing on a nice day to sit down there and watch people walking their dogs and running on the opposite side. Although Hubby doesn't like me picture taking he let me capture him a couple of times today. Dolly wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a proper picture. We set off at noon and got back at 3pm, Hubby proceeded to nap on the couch while i watched Grosse Point Blank, which is actually a really good film!, then up to my Aunt and Uncles for a BBQ. I'm not too much a fan of BBQ food, so i had a bit of chicken with some salad, i didn't eat much chicken because i didn't trust that it was cooked properly. Cue Weetabix when i got home lol.
I have to say that the entire weekend has been a really enjoyable, social, sunny, heart warming one. The kind that makes you appreciate your life and everyone and everything in it. I couldn't imagine being anyone else, living anywhere else, and not being with all the people that make my life great on a daily basis. (Forgot to mention in the last post that me and Nat also work together, along with Waddys sister Kellie. My Mum is also Kellie's daughter Ruby-Dee's God Mum. A bit more on the extended family front lol). I hope everyone got to experience a great Daddy's Day Weekend like me.


Angels and Demons was OK...the book was better in my opinion! After watching the movie and managing to get dressed eventually me and the Hubby went to see our friends Nat and Waddy, and their son Anderson. They're in the middle of fitting a new kitchen themselves so Chris was going to lend a hand. We have a nice close relationship with them, Chris was Best Man at their wedding, and I took their wedding pictures (before me and Chris got together), then when me and Chris got married Nat and Waddy were out witnesses, really Best Man and Maid of Honour. We are also Andersons God Parents which is ace.

I've known Waddy since i was a baby really, my Mum was a bridesmaid at his mum and dads wedding, and shes also Waddys God Mum, then his Mum knew my Dad growing up, then my Mum and Dad got together. It's fantastic having an extended family!!

Hubby and Waddy grew best friends at High School and have been in each others pockets ever since. I often think of Waddy as Hubbys other half, they're like two peas in a pod. :-) So here's some photos from the day. We left there just before Dinner, 4pm ish and ended up back there at 7pm for a takeaway with the whole extended family. Good times!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

It's a beautiful Saturday, not sunny, but totally calm and the temperatures good. Hubby's still in bed after going out last night so me and Dolly are watching Angels and Demons dressed in PJ's. Well i am, Dollys not :) I think she's asleep actually... I wanted to share some ideas about how we are to decorate our house. I love decorating and can't wait til we've saved enough money to get it done. Our house is fine now...but everyone likes a change! I designed these moodboards with the help of www.mydeco.com a fantastic website which helps you design moodboards, 3d rooms and gives help on anything you wanted to know about interiors. Its full of ideas, and i just love it. So here's what we will be doing...eventually.
The top is our living room. We already have the wallpaper in our alcoves, so to save too much faffing we decided to keep it. I like the relaxed feel it has, and cosy too. Even though its on a picture and not in real life. The second is to be our kitchen. At the moment its a powder blue colour, with matching tea coffee sugars and bin etc. Its really cute but we've had it like that since we moved in so time for a change. The purple accents look gorgeous, and it's nice that as they are only accessories, they can be changed whenever we feel like it. The third is our bedroom. We already have black furniture similar to the above, but at the moment our chimney breast is painted black, a little gothic, but our black and cream theme looks classy. We will paint the chimney breast red, and buy the accessories, again it'll be easier if we ever want to change accent colour. I have countless New York canvases already from my old bedroom before i moved out. What do you guys think? Anyone else LOVE designing ideas for their home?

Friday, 18 June 2010

FOTD been away too long

Oh. My. God.
I haven’t blogged for a REALLY long time. I think I may have almost forgotten how to do it! My last post was 10th December 2009, so I am long overdue. Here’s a little bit about what’s happened in my life. Mr and the Hubby moved back into our house, after moving back in with my parents so that my Great Auntie had somewhere to stay while she was ill. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after the New Year, so Christmas and New Year was a bit of a blur. I was glad when it was all over and we could get back to work so it wasn’t on our minds. It was about January 13th when we moved back in and touch wood we haven’t had to move again!

After all that drama...I’m starting back with something small...my very first FOTD. I’m going to try and add more pictures of me, the hubby and Dolly Rocker (our beautiful pet pooch!)to make this not only an outlet for all of my thoughts, ideas and written words but a kind of this is your life area full of photos to look back on. So cue the photos!

There you have it! The outfit that i wore to work today, 18/6/10, an introduction to my baby Dolly Rocker, and me and the hubby on holiday in Lanzarote last year. An old pic, but we both look pretty!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Primark Finds

A few weeks ago i had a major Primark Shopping Hal, well it was major for me, i never usually have enough money for anything like that but moving back in with my parents has freed up some cash! But thats another blog for another time! We drove across to Oldham which is about 45 minutes from where i like in Yorkshire, over the Pennines, and on this particular day, a Sunday, it was all covered in snow! It looked wonderful, however i didn't get a pic as my Dad wouldn't stop the car! But i googled and found this little beauty! 

 We ended up in Primark where i purchased this bunch of goodies! You might notice that theres a lot of nude coloured stuff in here, and theres a reason... its my new crush! Please find pics of purchases below, along with some New Look and F+F. Have a looky!

I bought...
4 x new tops (2 x nude t shirts, one long and floaty and one a normal t shirt. 1 x corset style, with black at the top and nude at the bottom, and 1 x sheer floaty number thats absolutely gorgeous, so classy!)
2 x Blazer Jackets. These are jersey fabric, and are so comfortable, they  instantly smarten an outfit, i’ve even been able to revive some of my favourite band t shirts to wear, i stopped wearing them cause my mum said they looked scruffy, not anymore!
2 x Cardigans, 1 knitted Grey cardigan, you can never have enough of these! And one nudey pink floaty waterfall cardigan.
1 x Jasper Conran perfume, so cheap at £9 and i got shower gel with it too! Smells wonderful, a great day scent and one of my favourites.
New make up bag – just because!
Under Eye concealer – This little beauty is from Primark and at £2.47 i thought it was a proper bargain, and it does what it says on the box! Works really well with my GOSH concealer.
2 x new necklaces, one a long charm like necklace with crystals and pearls, really pretty,just have to be careful as Primark necklaces usually only last me like 3 wears before they break, or get broken. Either by me or my wonderful but large dog Dolly! And the multi strand pearl with the ribbon, beautiful and looks great with nude colours.
Finally, the rose floral purse, i can’t believe this was like £3, so shabby chic, vintage etc etc can’t get enough!