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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Milky Bar Buttons...

So..i'm sat reading blogs, eating Milky Bar buttons, while watching What Happens in Vegas. (LOVE this film!) I'm hoping i can make mine as creative and interesting as some of the ones i have read today! I think i'm relatively interesting (i guess) but will other people see that!? If there's anyone out there who happens to come across this post...i require some help! Children In Need fancy dress will be happening at work 20th November and i need to dress up! I have 4 ideas, Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction), Ugly Betty, Audrey Hepburn (i bought a new black dress that is SO her style!) or Lady Gaga. I'm really liking the Lady Gaga look but i have to work all day in it (office job) then we're going out for a meal and drinks afterwards (well its for the children! lol). So please help me with this! Going shopping this weekend too and will be showing and telling what i purchased! (Might find some more inspiration for f. dress)

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  1. The background of your blog is really pretty!