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Sunday, 20 June 2010


Angels and Demons was OK...the book was better in my opinion! After watching the movie and managing to get dressed eventually me and the Hubby went to see our friends Nat and Waddy, and their son Anderson. They're in the middle of fitting a new kitchen themselves so Chris was going to lend a hand. We have a nice close relationship with them, Chris was Best Man at their wedding, and I took their wedding pictures (before me and Chris got together), then when me and Chris got married Nat and Waddy were out witnesses, really Best Man and Maid of Honour. We are also Andersons God Parents which is ace.

I've known Waddy since i was a baby really, my Mum was a bridesmaid at his mum and dads wedding, and shes also Waddys God Mum, then his Mum knew my Dad growing up, then my Mum and Dad got together. It's fantastic having an extended family!!

Hubby and Waddy grew best friends at High School and have been in each others pockets ever since. I often think of Waddy as Hubbys other half, they're like two peas in a pod. :-) So here's some photos from the day. We left there just before Dinner, 4pm ish and ended up back there at 7pm for a takeaway with the whole extended family. Good times!

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