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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Daddy's Day :-)

Today was a really good day. I was up first as usual, and eventually got ready and to the supermarket for 11am. After a very productive shop where, i spent more than usual but came away with worthwhile stuff me and Hubby set off along the canal with Dolly to meet my Mum Dad and Grandad. They had set off early in the morning on my Grandads barge for some Father Daughter time, and when i'd finished shopping they were about to set off back. So we thought we'd meet them half way. Well they must of been driving REALLY slow (or my Grandad was driving lol) or we were walking fast, because it was 3.5 miles by the time we met! I also went in my first lock today. I'm usually so scared i get off before we reach them, then jump back on as the boats moving on the way out, but i stayed on this time, and it wasn't that bad. Smelly, but not that bad :-)

It's easy to forget when wrapped up in work and life in general just how beautiful the town where we live is. The canal is at the bottom of my parents garden when my Grandads boat is moored up with a jetty and stuff and its so relaxing on a nice day to sit down there and watch people walking their dogs and running on the opposite side. Although Hubby doesn't like me picture taking he let me capture him a couple of times today. Dolly wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a proper picture. We set off at noon and got back at 3pm, Hubby proceeded to nap on the couch while i watched Grosse Point Blank, which is actually a really good film!, then up to my Aunt and Uncles for a BBQ. I'm not too much a fan of BBQ food, so i had a bit of chicken with some salad, i didn't eat much chicken because i didn't trust that it was cooked properly. Cue Weetabix when i got home lol.
I have to say that the entire weekend has been a really enjoyable, social, sunny, heart warming one. The kind that makes you appreciate your life and everyone and everything in it. I couldn't imagine being anyone else, living anywhere else, and not being with all the people that make my life great on a daily basis. (Forgot to mention in the last post that me and Nat also work together, along with Waddys sister Kellie. My Mum is also Kellie's daughter Ruby-Dee's God Mum. A bit more on the extended family front lol). I hope everyone got to experience a great Daddy's Day Weekend like me.

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