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Saturday, 19 June 2010

It's a beautiful Saturday, not sunny, but totally calm and the temperatures good. Hubby's still in bed after going out last night so me and Dolly are watching Angels and Demons dressed in PJ's. Well i am, Dollys not :) I think she's asleep actually... I wanted to share some ideas about how we are to decorate our house. I love decorating and can't wait til we've saved enough money to get it done. Our house is fine now...but everyone likes a change! I designed these moodboards with the help of www.mydeco.com a fantastic website which helps you design moodboards, 3d rooms and gives help on anything you wanted to know about interiors. Its full of ideas, and i just love it. So here's what we will be doing...eventually.
The top is our living room. We already have the wallpaper in our alcoves, so to save too much faffing we decided to keep it. I like the relaxed feel it has, and cosy too. Even though its on a picture and not in real life. The second is to be our kitchen. At the moment its a powder blue colour, with matching tea coffee sugars and bin etc. Its really cute but we've had it like that since we moved in so time for a change. The purple accents look gorgeous, and it's nice that as they are only accessories, they can be changed whenever we feel like it. The third is our bedroom. We already have black furniture similar to the above, but at the moment our chimney breast is painted black, a little gothic, but our black and cream theme looks classy. We will paint the chimney breast red, and buy the accessories, again it'll be easier if we ever want to change accent colour. I have countless New York canvases already from my old bedroom before i moved out. What do you guys think? Anyone else LOVE designing ideas for their home?

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