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Friday, 18 June 2010

FOTD been away too long

Oh. My. God.
I haven’t blogged for a REALLY long time. I think I may have almost forgotten how to do it! My last post was 10th December 2009, so I am long overdue. Here’s a little bit about what’s happened in my life. Mr and the Hubby moved back into our house, after moving back in with my parents so that my Great Auntie had somewhere to stay while she was ill. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after the New Year, so Christmas and New Year was a bit of a blur. I was glad when it was all over and we could get back to work so it wasn’t on our minds. It was about January 13th when we moved back in and touch wood we haven’t had to move again!

After all that drama...I’m starting back with something small...my very first FOTD. I’m going to try and add more pictures of me, the hubby and Dolly Rocker (our beautiful pet pooch!)to make this not only an outlet for all of my thoughts, ideas and written words but a kind of this is your life area full of photos to look back on. So cue the photos!

There you have it! The outfit that i wore to work today, 18/6/10, an introduction to my baby Dolly Rocker, and me and the hubby on holiday in Lanzarote last year. An old pic, but we both look pretty!

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